Bosch Fuel Injectors

SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604

SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604
SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604
SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604

SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604   SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604

SET of FIVE Brand New GENUINE BOSCH UPGRADE FUEL INJECTORS. (see specific application data below). The price is for a set of FIVE Injectors. Please Note: these are Brand New Genuine Bosch Upgrade Fuel Injectors.

They are later production injectors with a revised design for improved fuel atomization. They were acquired in bulk quantities and are not individually boxed for resale. They have never been installed in a vehicle and have never contacted gasoline. As with our Factory Remanufactured parts, e ach set of New injectors is also fully bench tested & flow matched at the 2. Largest Fuel Injection Specialty Company in N.

This gives you the best of both worlds Brand New fuel injectors at Remanufactured injector prices. If your vehicle is listed here, these are the correct injectors. All the application & interchange information was researched and verified by Wrenchhead's NEXCAT Electronic Catalog & database.

NEXCAT is the major provider of Electronic Data to Auto Parts Retailers & Professional Installers in. If remanufactured injectors just won't do for you, here's your chance to steal a set of. Fuel injectors for a great price. Are your fuel injectors really BRAND. We are also the exclusive online distributor for Xtreme High Performance and Xtreme Upgrade product line of Fuel Injectors. The Factory Remanufactured Injectors we sell are professionally remanufactured at the 2. Largest Fuel Injector Remanufacturing Production facility in. Using state-of-the-art calibrated equipment to meet all original electrical and fuel flow specifications. This includes a final Spray Pattern Test performed with an industry approved, non toxic, fuel injector Test Solvent... It is not gasoline and it does not indicate that the injectors are used.

How can you sell BRAND. We get asked this question often. Having been in the Auto Parts business for over 40 years, Ive worked for Warehouse Distributors, owned & operated Retail Auto Parts Stores, served in a Regional and National Management capacity for three Major Auto Parts Manufacturers and also pioneered an Internet Auto Parts web site in 1998.

Injectors and other fuel system components directly from the OE manufacturers here in the. Parts and package them in their Remanufactured boxes.

This is done out of necessity when serviceable cores (used parts) are not readily available to maintain a good order fill percentage for their repeat wholesale customers. In other words, you cant remanufacture a part you dont have. Additionally, some OEM fuel injectors simply can not be remanufactured with any degree of reliability due to inherent design flaws. Thousands of part numbers are needed to cover the entire fuel injector universe but not all are available at our targeted low acquisition cost. How do I know that these parts are correct for my vehicle?

NexCat is a professional & expensive Subscription Only electronic auto parts catalog and informational database service used nationwide by major auto parts manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Please note that all car companies are notorious for superseding and duplicating OE parts with new numbers from year to year when in fact, the parts are carry-overs, identical and completely interchangeable.

Also note that the number stamped in or printed on a fuel injector is NOT necessarily the OE part number. It can also be a component or casting/molding number. Cosmetic (color) changes & minor modifications are also common over a parts application & life cycle, resulting in multiple part numbers that are identical specs.

We also offer some fuel injectors that may look slightly different than your OE parts but are the same electrical & flow specs and critical dimensions. Those are noted as such in their listings. Dont just assume that because the injector looks different that it will not work. Example: we offer Brand New Denso, Bosch and Siemens-Deka injectors for certain GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles that are truly an upgrade in quality compared to the OEM injectors and may look a bit different.

The bottom line is that if we list a part as fitting your particular vehicle, it will fit and perform as good as or better than the parts you remove Guaranteed. After 20 + years specializing in the Fuel Injection business, with large wholesale customers all around the world, perfection and accuracy is a necessity.

What is the difference in a Brand New OEM part vs. A Brand New Aftermarket part?

A OEM parts are made by several different fuel injector manufacturers, contracted by the car companies to supply them. Most, but not all, OE injectors are now made by. Bosch, Siemens-Deka, JECS, Denso and a few others. Aftermarket injectors are also manufactured by several companies such as Standard Motor Products, BWD, Python and others.

Not all aftermarket parts are equal in quality or fit. Some companies, such as Standard Motor Products, manufacture & supply OEM injectors for some vehicles as well as manufacture a complete product line of injectors for other vehicles. An OEM supplier and an Aftermarket company. I know its confusing but thats the way this crazy business works!

Ford, GM, Chrysler and other car companies DO NOT make most of the parts for their vehicles. Generally they design, style and manufacture the cars bodies & engines and contract out the fuel & electrical components as well as electronics & accessories, rubber & plastic molded trim, windshield wiper systems, lighting components, bearings, exhaust systems, suspension parts, wheels, upholstery, and on and on all to their design specifications. Many years ago the major car companies wholly owned most of their sub-supplier manufacturing plants such as GMs Divisions: AC (filters & spark plugs), Delco Remy (ignition, starters, alternators & electrical).

(fuel system parts), Packard (wire & cable) ND/Hyatt (bearings) and Morraine (brake systems), etc. But, thats all changed now.

Cars are truly World Cars assembled with parts and components manufactured by independent suppliers all around the globe. As previously mentioned, I do not sell any aftermarket parts that are less than OE Quality parts. Absolutely NO cheap Chinese knock-off junk! In fact they no longer make any parts. It is now an independent marketing company, a name on a box only, but is still associated with GM.

However, the injector inside a Delco box will be a part made by Bosch, Siemens-Deka. Do not attempt to install fuel injectors if you are not fully capable of the job. These are high-pressure fuel systems and the installation requires skill and technique to avoid damage to the injector o-rings.

Most of our buyers are advanced Do-it-yourselfers or qualified Professional Installers or they have a friend whose capable of doing the install for them. Check with the Service Manager or Owner of the repair shop you intend to use and tell them that you intend to supply the parts. Taking your own parts into a Car Dealer or Professional Installer.

According to Professional Installers taking your own parts into a Car Dealer or Independent Shop is like taking two eggs, four strips of bacon and two pieces of toast into your local restaurant and expecting the meal for next to nothing because you supplied the food. It is considered unethical and is in fact far less profitable for the trade Professionals. They typically make as much profit from the sale of repair parts as they do from the labor, depending on the job, of course. A 50% + profit margin on parts sales is the norm in the auto repair industry and should be expected. Most Car Dealers in metropolitan areas are owned by large corporations or dealer groups who likely own several car brand dealerships. They are certainly not dishonest but they couldnt care less about saving you a penny! Their service bays contribute much of the dealers overall profit. And most independent repair shops are also honest, hard working small business owners. But theres a small percentage of Professional Installers that may resort to less than honest tactics if asked to install parts furnished by the customer.

That being the case, if you plan to supply your own parts and have them installed by a commercial repair shop. I highly suggest that you tell them in advance, when getting an estimate of repairs, and get all the details in writing. Many shops simply will not install parts supplied by the customer for various reasons, some legitimate, some not. Those few less than honest shops may agree to install your parts BUT.

Tell you that the parts you supplied are NOT the right parts or that theyre inferior. Quality and refuse to install them. Your car is in the shop. Overcharge you for labor (to cover the lost profit on parts sales). Install your parts but do so improperly sabotage?

Leaving you in a very bad situation and in the process teaching you a lesson. The exception would be previously modified vehicles or possible engine swap situations... Which are beyond our crystal balls capabilities to divine. The item "SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604" is in sale since Thursday, April 2, 2015.

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  1. Interchange Part Number: FJ137, FJ10183
  2. California Prop 65 Warning: This product could expose you to, but not limited to, plastic and/or rubber which are known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  3. Manufacturer Part Number: 044906031, 0280155604, 0180155604
  4. Other Part Number: 22-10092-5N
  5. Brand: Bosch
  6. Warranty: Yes

SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604   SET of 5 BRAND NEW BOSCH UPGRADE Fuel Injectors, 1993-96 VW EUROVAN, 0280155604